"I try to treat my paintings like poemsI think you are able to perceive a whole world, a whole cosmos within a sharp poem. The lines are rooted like a tree in all levels of consciousness. Man can find many themes in poetry. I also use a broad spectrum of subject matter and try to create a work loaded with metaphors through method and composition."


1990 born in Graz / Austria

contemporary artist 

first solo exhibition 2013 in Vienna

2 studios in Graz

working in Graz & Ceppaiano (Tuscany)

Paintings in private collections in:

Graz / Vienna / Salzburg / Pisa  / Rome /  Montreal / New York / Barcelona / London / Dublin / Cape Town

Beyond language

“One may conceive my art as some kind of poetry. It is about aesthetics - impulses, about an alternate reality brought into our existing world. I create my ideas from an inner world of sentiments, it can be understood as a profound encounter with my innermost self. My true aspiration is to bring thoughts alive, to make them tangible for the spectators. These thoughts come from the subconscious mind, from a certain part of human apprehension that can't be understood completely but more easily felt. It works as an object and storyteller. A small line between heroism and agony. Art as an overall concept speaks to me in a different kind of language. It is nothing I can describe with words just like that. Either you have that sort of feeling towards art or you won't appreciate the value.“

The thought process of creating a painting is immense but has a value which is worth the demanding work. In contemplation of the great significance of his creative accomplishments Davis is putting a lot of effort into planning the process of his ingenious work. But once the plan is set the actual process of painting happens quickly but precisely. But the most challenging part for Davis is to finish the paintings in a way he considers appropriate. The further the process of painting is, the harder it gets to come to an end and to finish his creative work without losing its poetic sense. Davis uses colours as some sort of contrast and words to make things more tangible and mentally stimulating for the observer. It's all about seemingly hidden attributes the spectator is only able to find while looking at the painting for quite a while. Each work of Davis art has its own story to tell. And that's exactly what makes every single piece extraordinary.


2018 "Generationen" - Kunsthaus Köflach - Köflach - Austria

2017 "The Timemachine" - Künstlerhaus Graz - Graz - Austria

2017 "the artificent seven" - Jakoministraße - Graz - Austria

2016 "Alice in Wonderland" - Künstlerhaus Graz - Graz - Austria

2016 "Junge Römer" - Ho Gallery - Vienna - Austria

2016 "HOGALLERY GOES LOOSHAUS" - Looshaus - Vienna - Austria

2016 "Fasching" - Gallery Stross - Graz - Austria

2015 "Ein Schrei" - Künstlerhaus Graz - Graz - Austria

2015 "Austernparty" - Gallery Stross - Graz - Austria

2015 "Wilder Mann" - Wilder Mann Graz - Graz - Austria

2014 "News from nowhere" - Künstlerhaus Graz - Graz - Austria

2014 "Kunst ist da und dort" - Art Acadamy Sarajevo - Sarajevo - Bosnia

2014 "Kunst ist da und dort" - Gallery Artis - Graz - Austria

2013 "Im Bann" - Künstlerhaus Graz - Graz - Austria

2013 "Bake a bread, love your job - sleep in time" - Gallery ArtMoments - Vienna - Austria

2012 "Papierfabrik OPEN TEUTONEN I-VI - Papierfabrik Graz - Graz - Austria

2012 "Papierfabrik PIP3" - Papierfabrik Graz - Graz - Austria

2012 "Papierfabrik PIP2" - Papierfabrik Graz - Graz - Austria

2012 "Cuntra C(KUNST) AM BAND - Cuntra - Graz - Austria

2012 "Midisage" - Freie Galerie Graz - Graz - Austria

2012 "Freie Galerie Jubiläum" - Freie Galerie Graz - Graz - Austria

2012 "XrockZ Circus" - Stadthalle Graz - Graz - Austria

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